Invest in Dentists, Your Future

Investing in Canadian dentists means a healthy industry, practices, patient care and favourable return rates.

Investing in your industry is smart business. In Canada, the dental industry generates an estimated $14 billion in revenue annually, with over 14,000 practices.

Owned and operated in Canada, 123Dentist is uniquely positioned to invest in and bolster the local industry, promote successful dental practices and patient care, and provide desired returns on investments.

Our management team, which developed — a highly successful dental marketing organization with over 80 clinics — is building on vast expertise and a proven track record to build a robust investment portfolio. We invest in dental practices based on profitability, location and other important factors to achieve investment security. High-profile practices in visible locations promote long-term sustainability and growth, including turnover.

While investing in a known industry with expected growth, your investment positively influences the dental industry, and you enjoy above market return rates. Also, 123Dentist only awards dentists voting shares, so investing dentists and partner clinics know their best interests will remain protected.

For dentists, by dentists. That's our mission: to preserve excellence in Canadian dentistry and ensure dentists help shape the future of our industry.

Our investors positively influence the dental industry, while enjoying above market return rates.

Invest in What Matters

Have a say in the dental industry and enjoy above market return rates.

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